There have been many ups and downs in every person’s past life, and there have been many challenges and successes in my life, too. and I’m no exception. Like everyone else on earth, I have a unique story of my life.

But the point is that if I want to talk about the hardships and what is past to me, there is nothing but pain and remembrance of the past.On the one hand, the past has passed. On the contrary if I am to say my successes, it may be a boast. But anyway, based on the essence of the “About Us” page, I have to introduce myself: But anyway, based on the essence of the “About Us” page, I have to introduce myself:
I am Mohammad Reza Teimouri Born: March 8, 1981.
I officially started my first job at the age of 20 in 2001, and at the same time with my student life, what a great time as a youth enthusiast and a passionate job, continuing to register for a great company. I had some employees and I paid salary to my employees. That was such a Great feeling.
My first asset was two computer devices. One of those computers was Pentium 133 and the other was its newer model. And three hundred thousand toman of goods, which I bought from the market with a check. The job was good and I was also looking to grow my business. I articipated in exhibitions and I got the representation of various company and… But I was unaware of one important issue, and that was that I had to work on my own growth and skill I always had a reading program in my work schedule. That habit was with me from primary school. When we collect our money to spend for buying books with friends and reading, and it was a good feeling. I always had reading, less or more in my daily time table But in the business of management and company, accounting and taxation, etc. I had no experience, maybe I could say I was the first family member to register a company, almost twenty years have passed since those days. . Of course, with a little smile, I was the first in many other ways, such as the first person to go bankrupt. I was the first person in family that his account blocked because of tax debt by the Treasury Department at a time when the company was also liquidated . In short, I was the first inexperienced young person, lazy and money-making amongst those around me. And I was the first person in my family who bought a high-end car and the first who lost his car. There is a lot of “first experience” quotes that I can say to give an example.
In the courses I will explain more about the ups and downs of my personal life. But today as I look back, I realize that all the hardships and successes I needed to take lessons from. It’s the law. when you don’t want to learn and you are indifferent, the mother of the universe and the energy of the world comes into its own and takes on the responsibility of educating the human being, which is, of course, very tough teacher. After that I went through a lot of work and gained some successes and failures, I’ll say more at the right time.

If we pass all these memories, Today, when you (my dear friends) are watching this page, I don’t want to say I have more experience than you but I can say with certainty that I made more mistake than you in my business. So, in this way I may help you and be a leader for you, to not do the same mistake again.

I will tell you my point in a paragraph, and I hope you pay close attention to its small points:
I believe that the basic principles of achieving the highest level of success is love, interest and an understanding of inner competencies. So, considering people’s overwhelming enthusiasm for success and the emotional and wrong choices that they make for success and they Prioritize short-term results, I decide to help them. So, after consulting with my consulting team, I decided to launch the Mohammad Reza Teimouri website with the Teimouri Research Team brand and for educating what we know, we make content available to those interested in the path to success.
Our website launched in a completely independent manner from every individual and organization. the site has found its way, with the help of god, into three major divisions.

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